A close-knit family business

Vos Banket is your biscuit and pastry specialist. A close-knit family business that is based in Dwingeloo, the greenest town in Europe. We started with just one lorry, and then grew to become an organisation that operates globally.

Historisch Vos Banket was founded by the first generation of the Vos family in 1975. It all started with one lorry delivering to an area that stretched no further than part of the province of Drenthe. A clear vision for the future, unbridled ambition and well thought out company policy ensured the robust growth of the business. The fleet was expanded, the construction of new premises in Dwingeloo provided more space for business operations and the acquisition of various companies helped increase delivery range.



Second generation

Tweede generatieIn the year 2000 the daily management of Vos Banket was taken over by the second generation. Both sons continued to successfully run the business and in 2002, thirty years after its founding, they officially took over the company from their parents. The company continued to grow. Full national coverage was followed by extension of the delivery range to the Belgian and German markets. In addition, the business was further expanded and modernised, especially in terms of automation and logistics. This means that Vos Banket has been able to respond to demands from the market and has full control of the total logistical process. From purchasing to delivery to the point of retail.



Vos Banket today and in the future

Vandaag-en-toekomst-tekstThe difference between where Vos Banket started in 1972 and where it is now is enormous. However, there are also important similarities. The ambition, courage and vision from those early days are firmly rooted in the company. The importance of a wide range of high quality biscuits, bread and pastries, outstanding contact with customers and the shop floor and the guarantee of sales and maximum returns have been handed down from one generation to the next. And this is just as important now as it was then.


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