Delivery methods

Logistiek-2Vos Banket has its own fleet which is used to make rapid deliveries nationally and internationally. Vos Banket has various delivery methods so that you can choose what best fits your logistical process. The various delivery methods are shown below.


Service merchandising

The account managers at Vos Banket are constantly in contact with the shop floor. They visit your company, offer advice regarding developments in the market and monitor the shelves for optimal visibility in order to ensure maximum returns. Orders can be taken on-site and sent on to our distribution centre. The products are then stacked onto multiple trolleys within 24 to 48 hours and are directly delivered to your company’s warehouse.



Delivery to distribution centres

Your organisation orders full pallets from a specific range using the EDI system at Vos Banket. We then deliver the orders at the agreed time at the requested distribution centre.


Pick to zero

Your organisation places an order for an extremely varied range of products using the EDI system at Vos Banket. This order is then assembled onto so-called mixed pallets and delivered to the distribution centre. Your organisation is responsible for further delivery to the various buyers.




You organisation places orders using the EDI system at Vos Banket. These are put onto trolleys and packaged. The orders are collectively delivered to one of your distribution centres and from there they are transported to the relevant shops.