Logistical solutions

With a modern fleet, and by using smart digital systems, Vos Banket can seamlessly adapt to your logistical process. As a result you are guaranteed a punctual delivery of fresh products. Discover Vos Banket’s various logistical solutions.

Duurzaam-logistiek Vos Banket uses a modern automated warehouse system. This system immediately processes your orders and loads them quickly. Because we have our own fleet that we can use flexibly, we can guarantee rapid delivery nationally and internationally. This ensures that the products are kept fresh and your shelves are filled.

We also use modern techniques and qualified personnel to ensure that our logistical process is sustainable. For example, the emission of harmful substances is kept to a minimum because we are continuously looking for the quickest route from our premises to your shop floor. Our employees keep constant watch over the entire fleet and can immediately change a route in order to ensure that transport is efficient.